Words that I write

Words that I write...

Saturday, 21 June 2014

A travelling song...

I don't really write songs, mostly because I can't play music. Which makes it tricky. But occasionally things just come out as songs so I roll with it.

I wrote this on the way from the coast to the Kootenays. It probably isn't finished, and it doesn't have a real tune. But I hum along regardless...

Hello mountains, fairwell sea

I leave behind the cliffs and coves, the paddling feet and sandy toes
I turn my back on old growth trees, on ferry boats and stormy seas
I bid adieu to seals and gulls, the sounds of waves and pause between
I say goodbye to friendships made, to island life and snowy scenes

So hello mountains and farewell sea
I journey onwards, heading east
Moving from winter, on into spring
To the land unknown, and what she brings

I head on to snowcapped mountains, river swims and bluffs up high
I seek hot springs and secret spots, the glacial lakes and hilly hikes
I look for bears among the trees, to sunny days and bright blue skies
I open arms to unknown folks, to places new, to valley life

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